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220527 232020 CORE2022 SL DSC 7419 LR
220527 232020 CORE2022 SL DSC 7419 LR

CORE Festival 2024

CORE Festival was first held in Brussels in May 2022. The festival was successfully launched in one of the loveliest city parks in Belgium. Its fresh approach to programming and the innovative decor clearly struck a chord with the public. CORE Festival established itself as a surprising newcomer among the wide range of festivals on offer. The second edition last spring was also one that we look back on with pride. The minor teething problems had been resolved and the very relaxed and sunny atmosphere in the Ossegem Park was much appreciated by visitors and artists alike.

There will be no CORE Festival in Brussels in 2024. We’re hitting the pause button on that for now. But there are good reasons for this. In 2023, CORE had its first foreign edition in Tulum (Mexico), which was immediately sold out. The festival will return to Tulum in early 2024, for not one but two consecutive weekends. CORE has attracted a lot of foreign interest. Even more additional international events are currently being tested for feasibility. The team's ambitions are high. And that is why we have decided to prioritise. The focus will shift briefly, in 2024, from Brussels to the rest of the world. The collaboration with the City of Brussels has always been very constructive and both parties are keeping the door open to picking up where we left off in the near future.

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