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220527 232020 CORE2022 SL DSC 7419 LR
220527 232020 CORE2022 SL DSC 7419 LR

Relive the second edition of CORE Festival

The second edition of CORE Festival is over. The two-day boutique festival in the picturesque Brussels Ossegempark closed after two sunny days with a big hit: the Berlin trio Moderat just closed on the impressive Ardo stage with the most powerful mobile laser in the world (300 watts). Spread over the two festival days, CORE Festival welcomed around 40,000 visitors over the Whitsun weekend. Festival goers enjoyed a refreshing total experience of music, nature and art. There were live performances and DJ sets by more than 60 (inter)national artists. A selection of unique art installations graced the park. Foodies enjoyed many and special treats at the food stands throughout the park.

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In the beautiful Ossegem Park, at the foot of the Atomium in Brussels and amid the beauty of green nature, some 40,000 festival-goers were treated to a particularly captivating and eclectic lineup over the past 2 days. Among others, Angèle (with surprise guest Damso), Moderat, alt-J, NxWorries (Anderson .Paak & Knxwledge), Little Simz, Masego, Charlotte Adigéry & Bolis Pupul, Channel Tres, Pusha T, Goldband, PinkPantheress, Honey Dijon, Eliza Rose, The Blessed Madonna and Jayda G signed for top concerts and great sets.

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The outdoor AltVerda stage at the magical Groentheater was briefly transformed into the best open-air club in Brussels and the surrounding area, while the dazzling NABO stage, located in the heart of the park at a height of 8.5 meters, once again emerged as a true eye-catcher. NABO was musically curated this year by the renowned Brussels-based Fifty Session, while the contemporary art gallery PLUS-ONE Gallery gave the opportunity to five digital artists to present their digital artworks on the 360 LED wall surrounding the magnificent stage. Several art and multimedia installations by Brussels-based climate activist Joanie Lemercier, London-based duo Reality is__ and Antwerp-based scenographer Fleur Roggeman stimulated the senses of festival-goers, some in a high-tech way, others in a subtly intimate setting or in a more playful way. In short, the perfect blend of music, nature and art.